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A loan is one of the essential things in a person’s life, whether it’s for home improvements, education, or even financial emergencies like medical bills. If you have bad credit score and you don’t qualify for a loan, then you might be wondering how you’re going to get the money you need. Fortunately, an emergency loan is an alternative way to quickly get the cash you need without worrying about the lender’s terms and conditions.

Typically, emergency loans are designed to help people in times of need. They are usually offered to those with bad credit or who have limited access to traditional forms of financing.

However, it is crucial to understand the different types of emergency loans available and how to apply for them before applying for one.

Here are a few things you should know about emergency loans before applying for one.

Doctors performing surgery inside the emergency room.

Emergency medical bills are a common reason for needing emergency loans.

What Are Emergency Loans and How Do They Work?

An emergency loan is a quick and easy way to get cash to pay for an unexpected expense or other urgent matter. Typically, emergency loans are used to pay for medical bills, car repairs, and other critical expenses.

Emergency loans are the most common type of short-term loans. They have high-interest rates and fees, and most lenders deliver the money to your bank account within a business day (mostly) of approving your loan application.

There are two types of emergency loans, including secured and unsecured loans. Unsecured loans are usually easier to get and offer more flexibility than secured loans.

Also, you can apply for an emergency loan without a credit check.

Before applying for a loan, make sure you meet the lender’s requirements. If you have a low credit score or no credit history, you might be charged a higher interest rate and need a co-signer. Before submitting a loan application, it is crucial to understand what you can and can’t afford.

How To Choose An Emergency Loan For Bad Credit

Emergency loans for bad credit are often expensive, and you will need to consider many different factors to choose the best loan for you. To get the best emergency loan, you need to consider the total cost, terms, monthly payment, and amount of time it will take to get funded.

Consider The Total Cost Of The Loan.

You need to ensure you understand how much you will pay for the loan. This is especially true if the loan has a high-interest rate. Find out how much cash the lender is willing to loan you. Find out how much you will need to pay monthly. You need to make sure you can afford the payments. 

Several online lenders offer pre-qualification, which means they will let you know how much you can afford to borrow before you even apply. It also allows you to avoid wasting your time on an application process, which is useless if you can’t afford the monthly payments.

Check The Terms and Conditions.

Don’t sign until you have checked the loan contract for hidden fees and strict repayment schedules, which can quickly turn your affordable loan into a financial burden. If you are not sure about something, ask for clarification and read the fine print so you don’t get caught out.

Check Monthly Payments.

Monthly payments are essential to consider when you are looking at emergency loans for bad credit. Some loans can have you paying out more than you can afford in a month, meaning that you may have to forgo other necessities in your life just to pay for the loan.

You can use the personal loan calculator to see how a loan will affect your budget.

Note: Make sure you keep up to date with payments. You must make timely payments. Failure to do so can hurt your credit score. This can make it challenging to get another loan in the future.

How Fast Can I Apply and Get Funded.

It’s important to note that an online loan can approve you for a loan within a matter of minutes. If you have an excellent credit score, you can get a loan quickly online.

Most lenders can get you the loan approved and pay you the money you need within 24 hours of applying. This means you can get emergency cash to pay your bills or fix a financial problem fast.

Note: Before applying for a loan, you should gather all the documents you’ll need, including W-2s, pay stubs, and bank statements. Answer all the questions in the application form as quickly as possible.

Online Services

Look for a lender that offers 24/7 services via a secure online lending platform. A lender should also be easy to use and offer various services.

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How to Apply for an Emergency Loan if You Have Bad Credit

You must gather your own information such as date of birth, address, phone number, and email address when applying for an emergency loan. You will also need to submit income information documents, the total loan amount wanted, and the purpose of the funding you need. Also, include your tax returns, proof of residence, and utility bills. You might also have your checking account information, the last three months’ worth of bank statements, pay stubs, and even a copy of your driver’s license. These things are needed to get an emergency loan for poor credit scores as soon as possible. 

You must prequalify for emergency personal loans with a preliminary application. Just your basic personal information is needed for this loan request. A soft credit check will be made of your credit report. A soft credit check will not affect your credit. The online lenders will give you an idea of what you can expect and whether you will qualify for the loan amount.

If the the lender approves, they will make a loan offer. If you can accept the terms and rates, you will be asked to complete the entire application. That is when you will need the additional personal information to complete the loan request. However, the lender will now perform a hard credit check, which will affect your credit score.

Once you have been approved for a loan, you should check the final loan terms and conditions of the loan offer. Then the lender will then deposit the funds into your checking account or directly to your creditors.

What Are the Types of Emergency Loans for bad credit?

You can get various emergency loans for bad credit types, including:

Payday Loans

Payday lenders offer short-term loans, typically for one or two weeks. When you need money fast, this option can be a lifesaver. However, you should always consider its higher interest rates and potential for unexpected fees. The APR could be 400%, and for this reason, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has published a report that urges consumers to steer clear of payday lenders.

Car title. Can be used to get an emergency loan.

Auto Title Loans

An auto title loan is a short-term loan that is usually based on the value of your car. They charge high-interest rates and fees. Auto title loans can give you up to 50% of the value of your vehicle. However, you could lose your car if you cannot pay back the loan in time.

Home Equity Loans

A home equity loan from a bank is a loan based on the value of your home. Home equity loans are often a popular option for those looking to consolidate debt or finance the purchase of a new property. They come with easy terms, low-interest rates, flexible repayment options, and convenient ways to borrow money without the hassle of a traditional mortgage. But remember, if you break the terms of your contract, you may find yourself in default, and you could lose your home.

Personal Loans

An emergency personal loan is a short-term loan designed for personal use. It can be used for anything from paying off debts, repairing a house, or even buying a car. It offers competitive interest rates and loan amounts. You can choose from several monthly payment options when paying back bad credit personal loans. However, most personal loan lenders will determine the payback term based on the loan amount.

You can choose between secured and unsecured loans when you get a bad credit personal loan. A secured personal loan is one in which you put up a deposit, called the security deposit, as collateral against the loan. On the other hand, unsecured personal loans are those in which you do not need any collateral. This is why unsecured online loans are usually smaller than secured loans because collateral is not required. 

Credit Card Cash Advances and Balance Transfer Credit Cards

A credit card cash advance could be the solution if you require cash right now. A credit card cash advance is a short-term loan that can be obtained at high-interest rates. If you pay off your credit card in full each month, it will not affect your credit score. Otherwise, If you’re looking for a cash advance, look into the best cash advance offers, and compare the fees and interest rates.

Using a credit card advance for unexpected expenses is often the best emergency loan for many bad credit borrowers.

Also, getting a new credit card with a zero percentage interest rate to transfer existing debts will lower your current payments. Or you can use the new credit card for the emergency loan needed.

How Do You Get an Emergency Loan With Bad Credit?

Bad credit emergency loans are for people with poor credit scores from 300 to 600. People with bad credit scores are less likely to repay loans on time. This is why lenders are more likely to avoid lending to such individuals.

Still, several emergency loan lenders are willing to lend to people who need a bad credit loan quickly. All you need is a little research and a lot of patience. It is better to research a lot of lenders and the different types of loan offer that they have. This way, you will pick the best lender for you. 

Online lenders will offer a secured or unsecured loan when applying for a bad credit loan. A secured loan requires collateral, but it comes with low-interest rates. While an unsecured personal loan does not require collateral, but you may be charged higher interest rates.

Emergency loan lenders may offer the following loan options:

Credit Union

A local community credit union typically issues this type of loan. The credit union will investigate your credit score to determine whether you’re eligible for an emergency loan. This type of loan is usually offered to people who have a bad credit score or just starting out in their careers. You can typically get a credit union loan up to $2,000 with a loan agreement of 1 to 12 months and a maximum interest rate of 28%. However, it is available to those who are credit union members. Also, a credit union often times takes a much longer time for loan approval than many lenders.

Apply With a Co-Signer or Co-Borrower

If you don’t qualify for a loan yourself, you could try to apply with a co-signer. The co-signer will be responsible for paying the loan if you do not. This may allow you to qualify for a larger loan. If a person is a co-signer or co-borrower, they must have a good credit score or make more money than the bad credit borrowers. 

Two women co-signing an emergency loan.

Emergency loan alternatives are available if you can’t access any of the above loans:

Zero-Interest Credit Cards

You can use your 0% APR card for small, urgent expenses, but you will need a perfect credit score to qualify for it. This will offer you an interest-free loan for a maximum of 21 months. Then it will start to charge interest on your loan.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations offer individuals loans to pay bills or small business grants to startups. Typically, they provide financing assistance for the people who lose their homes due to late payments.

Family Loans

If you have a good relationship with your family and they are willing to lend you money, you can borrow money from one. It’s easier to borrow from someone you know, and you don’t need to worry about your bad credit score. However, if you cannot repay the money in time, your relationship with your family member will suffer and they could sue you.

Where Can You Get an Emergency Loan For Bad Credit?

Emergency loans are a good option for people with bad credit, and you can get one from many lenders. Here are some of the different places you might look for a loan if you have bad credit.

Online Lenders

This is an excellent option for people with bad credit scores because you can apply online, and you don’t have to go into a bank to do it. The type of loan you can get depends on the online lender. Some online lenders are not as strict as traditional lenders. They will consider you based on your income, the amount of money you want to borrow, and your credit scores. However, the downside for online lenders is that many will charge very high-interest rates.

Credit unions

Credit union emergency loan tend to have more flexible loan terms than banks. They are typically smaller in size and have a more personal touch. In fact, many credit unions are actively looking to improve their lending to small businesses and may offer better rates than banks. You have to be an active credit union member to borrow money from them. Also, credit unions can rather slow to grant a loan approval.

Traditional banks

You can also apply for an emergency loan from traditional banks. A good credit score and a steady income mean you might get approved for an unsecured loan. Banks routinely give loans to those who want to consolidate their debt or build credit. Generally, banks require a minimum credit score of 670 and a good debt to income ratio.

Credit Card Companies (Cash Advance)

If you need money fast, you might consider taking out a cash advance. However, these options can be expensive, and the interest rates on a credit card can be high. It’s a good idea to look for other options.

A man holding an American Express credit card while applying for a cash advance emergency loan.

Relatives and friends for an emergency loan alternatives

Some people get into trouble and cannot pay their bills, and they end up being evicted from their house. Sometimes, people need a loan, and they don’t have the collateral to secure it. If many banks have rejected you, or you are in urgent need of money, and you don’t have time to wait for approval from banks, you should try to see your relatives, friends, or even your employer. Most of them will be ready to help you with a small loan.

Payday lenders

A payday loan lender is known for its short-term loans with high-interest rates. But what if you need emergency loans for bad credit and don’t have time to wait for the banks to approve it? In these cases, payday loans can be helpful.

Note: Don’t just take our word for it. Even if it’s available, you may have to pay a higher interest rate or pay more money upfront than you prefer. So consider your need and loan terms to choose the best borrowing options for you or your business. 

For example, Credit card cash advances are expensive, and they can damage your credit score. When it comes to personal finance, it’s always better to avoid payday loans and title loans because its APR can be high for a small loan amount and repayment options are rather limited. In fact, in some cases, you could end up paying interest rates of over 400%.

What Are Emergency Loans Commonly Used For?

Emergency loans are commonly used to address urgent financial issues such as unexpected expenses or financial emergencies. With no restrictions, an emergency loan no usage limits, you can use it almost anywhere and for nearly any situation, including:

Medical Bills

The unexpected cost of medical care, appliances, and other expenses related to medical care are the most common reasons people use an emergency loan.

Home or Car Repairs

Whether small or large, home or car repairs can be expensive, and it is often difficult to plan for them. In this case, short-term emergency loans can assist you.

Black SUV being repaired by a mechanic.

Rent and Mortgage Payments

Emergency loans are essential for those who cannot afford their upcoming mortgage payments. Late mortgage payments can badly affect your credit score.

Utility bills

Emergency loans can help you to pay utility bills in time. Utility payments on time and reported to the credit bureaus could help build your credit score.

School Fees

Education is expensive in the U.S. If you need emergency funds to pay for college tuition, you can apply for an emergency loan to help you cover the costs.

Man sitting at the airport with his feet on his luggage as he watches a plane take off, and wondering if he can get emergency loans for bad credit.

Vacation and Traveling Expenses

Emergency loans are typically available for travel related expenses. Such as being stranded by cancelled flights or being sick while traveling.

Wedding Expenses

Wedding can be expensive and cost around $15000-$20000. However, you can get an emergency loan to cover the cost of unexpected wedding expenses. 

FAQs About Emergency Loans for Bad Credit

How Fast Can I Get An Emergency Loan?

The time it takes to get an emergency loan depends on how long it takes your lender to approve your application. Most lenders offer same-day funding for emergency loans, but you may have to wait a day or two for a loan. Some traditional lenders, like banks, may take weeks to approve the loan.

In most cases, when you apply for an emergency loan, you will get it within 24 hours. But if you have errors in your loan application, you may be delayed in getting the loan.

Can I Get A Fast Loan Without A Credit Check?

You can avoid a credit check and get a loan from an emergency lender, but you will have to pay a high-interest rate. This is typically a payday loan with a lower loan amount.

Will An Emergency Loan Impact My Credit Score?

A lender’s soft credit check is not a hard inquiry. It does not affect your credit rating, and it does not have any effect on your ability to borrow money in the future. On the other hand, a hard credit inquiry can affect your credit score. So, you should remember that it will be reported to the major credit bureaus, and it may show up on your credit report.

Is 600 a Poor or Minimum Credit Score According to FICO?

No. According to FICO, 580-669 is called a fair credit score and 670-739 is a good score. But if you have a score of less than 600, that is considered a bad credit score by lenders. According to FICO a poor credit score is from 300 to 579.

What Is The Minimum Credit Score Requirement For Emergency Loans?

The minimum credit score requirement for emergency loans depends on your lender. Usually, if your credit score is above 600, you will qualify for an emergency loan. Your credit score will determine the amount of money you will receive from an emergency loan company. However, to be eligible for an emergency loan with low-interest rates, it is better to have a good credit score.

Take Away

If you’re in the middle of a financial crisis, emergency loans can help. Bad credit doesn’t have to keep you from getting an emergency loan. Many online lenders offer emergency loans for bad credit. They are quick, easy and they don’t require any collateral. Just make sure that the lender you choose is legitimate and reputable. You can use these loans to pay bills, cover medical expenses, or buy new equipment for your business.

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