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Can you trust what we say at Easy Installment Loans Online? well, let me tell you all about us – I mean me – Richard Quick.

I have been dealing with loans since 1978 when I was a Realtor and needed to understand the home mortgage lending process. Not only did I inform my clients about mortgages and credit scores, but I applied for my first mortgage myself that same year.

Since my previous credit score was non-existent (I paid cash for my car and everything else) I had to learn how to build credit quickly. Which was a challenge since I was self-employed and didn’t have any Federal Tax Statements showing business income.

Back in 1978 mortgage rates were nearly 10% interest. Personal loan rates were about 13% interest. The real estate market was terrible for would be home buyers, and not much better for inexperience real estate investors. The banks practically laughed at me. So, I found so called alternative lenders that would finance a duplex rental property.

That rental property provided steady income and a credit history that enabled me to get credit cards and a car loan. Now I had a solid credit history and improving credit scores.

Over many years my financial fortunes went down and up, down and up again.

Along the way I ended up in bankruptcy and had to rebuild my credit score again. Bad experiences can be a great teacher, but it can be a rotten way to live.

Eventually I started a construction company. If you ever ran a business, you know all about business start up loans, business credit cards, lines of credit, equipment loans, SBA loans, MCA accounts, and finicky bankers.

Today my credit score varies between 815 and 850 which is considered “Excellent” to “perfect”. That is because I have learned how to use loans to my best advantage.

Knowing what type of loan is best suited to your personal financial situation is important. However, many people don’t understand how the lending industry operates. So, they take loans that are not in their best financial interests. That leads to increased financial burdens and even more expensive loans. I hope to prevent that from happening to my website visitors.

My goal at Easy Installment Loans Online is to get people the loans they need after educating them about their best options.

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