What Can I Do With A 677 Credit Score? Auto, Home, Credit Card

What Is the Possibility Of Getting Credit With A 677 Score? The short answer is: Good. As in: “You have a Good FICO credit score”. A credit score 677 could be seen as having average credit worthiness. The rest of this article will explain the details that you must know.

My Credit Score Is 677 What Does That Mean?

That means your Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) credit score is in the lower part of the “Good” credit range of 670-739. The next step up in the credit range is 740-799 which is called “very good credit”. The credit range from 800-850 is called “exceptional” credit worthiness.

What can I do with a 677 credit score?

What Interest Rate Can I Get With A 677 Credit Score?

Honestly? I don’t know. It depends upon what you want to buy. Credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, personal loans, and business loans all have different interest rates. Some interest rates can change rapidly and others more slowly. The only way to know for sure is to apply for a loan    

What Are The APR Rates For A Credit Score Of 677?

The APR rates are different from the interest rate for a 677 credit score, because the APR rate includes fees that are charged by the lender for various reasons. Which fees are needed and how much they cost, will change quite a bit depending upon the type of loan you want.

What Company Will Give Me A Debt Consolidation Loan For Credit Cards With FICO Score 677?

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What Kind Of Interest Rate Can I Get On A Car With A 677 Credit Score?

How good is a 677 credit score to buy a new car or a used car? Well, As I explained earlier, you have fairly good credit. So, you can get a loan. How big the loan is will depend upon your income and debt level.

For a new car with your credit score current rates are 4.21% and for a used car the interest rate is 6.05%. These are average interest rates as of the time of this article being written.  

Can I get a car loan with a 677 credit score? To check what interest rate you can get Click Here.

Can I Buy A House With A 677 Credit Score?

Yes! The minimum FICO score for an FHA mortgage loan is 580. Also, having a score of 677 will get you good interest rates.

What interest rate do you get with 677 credit score on a home loan? At the time of writing, it is about 2% interest.

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House keys to a new house. Can I Buy A House With A 677 Credit Score? Yes!

What Is The Interest Rate For A VA Loan With A 677 Credit Score?

Currently that is at 2.875 %. To get an up-to-date interest rate – with no harm to your credit score and no obligation – Click Here

How Can I Get A Quick Loan Or Credit Card With A Score Of 677 Rating?

You won’t have any trouble getting a personal loan or credit card. However, the credit limit available to you will be based on income and debt load. You can choose credit cards that reward you with cash back or flyer miles. Also, choose a credit card with zero annual fees.

Some credit cards will have a 0% interest rate for 15 months. Otherwise, interest rates will be around 11.99% to 19.9%. Although there is one card with 1.5% cash back, zero annual fees and an interest rate that starts at 8.99%. However, that is probably not available at your credit score, but you won’t know until you try. Get started here.

How Much Credit Limit On A Credit Card With A 677 FICO credit score?

Many years ago, when my credit score was about the same as yours, my credit card limit was equal to half of my yearly income. Today, with my credit score being in the 800+ range, my credit card limit adds up to my yearly income. However, if I wanted more credit cards, or a higher limit, I could get them.

There is no exact answer for this question. It will vary depending on numerous factors that the credit card companies won’t divulge. However, the big factors are going to be how much income do you have and how much do you owe?

Part of the equation is how long have you been at the same job, and how long have you been in the same industry? The lender wants to know that you have secure employment.

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RV, Motorcycle, Aircraft, Boat Financing With A 677 FICO Credit Score

At the time I am writing this, installment loans from 1-5 years are at 4.48% to 15.48% APR.

Installment loans for 6 or 7 years start at 4.68% and up to 17.48% interest.

Bigger loans for 10-20 years are at 5.08% to 17.48% APR.

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Max Business Loan With A 677 FICO Credit Score

There is no limit to the size of the loan from private lenders or loan brokers.

The government SBA 7(a) loans have a $5 million maximum loan amount.

In either case, the maximum loan amount is dependent on your ability to repay. With your credit score, you are mostly limited by what your personal or business income is.

Starting a business with a personal 677 score is much different than having a 677 business credit score.

Interest rates and maximum loan amounts will vary on what the loan is being used for. For a start up business or an existing business, maximum working capital loans will be lower than for equipment loans. Assuming that the ability to repay the loan is equal.

One of the big questions is how much experience do you have in the business? More experience equals less risk for the lender, and potentially a larger loan. However, don’t count on it. Experience is more about IF you get the loan, not how loan you can get.

How To Build Credit Score From 677?

First, get a copy of your credit report and check it for mistakes. For years my credit report had loans on it from someone with the same name as me. He lived in the same town I did, but was not a relative. Get those mistakes removed and your score will rise. This is the service I would use.

Second, use less than a third of your available credit.

Third, have and use different kinds of credit. If all you have is credit cards, get a consolidation loan to pay them off. Then while you are making payments on the consolidation loan, use just one credit card if possible. Using two credit cards would be OK if need be.

Fourth, get a mortgage. I could pay off my mortgage, but I don’t because it helps keep my credit score above 800. That’s because lenders want to see that you can make payments (on time) over a long period of time.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Credit Score Up From 677 to 720?

If you removed mistakes from your credit report, as mentioned above, you could have a 720 score next month. Get started here.

Also, reducing the amount of debt used to less than 30% of what you have available can get you there fast.

Getting a consolidation loan or a mortgage will reduce your score for a couple months, but then the score will rise higher.

Gray haired man looking at a cell phone and credit card wondering: How Long Does It Take To Get Your Credit Score Up From 677 to 720?

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